50 most frequent words in Commentary on the Kādambarīsvīkaraṇasūtramañjarī

Maximum number of words:
iti (ind)106 occurrences
tad (pron)42 occurrences
tva (n)38 occurrences
artha (mn)32 occurrences
eva (ind)31 occurrences
na (ind)30 occurrences
svīkaraṇa (n)23 occurrences
api (ind)21 occurrences
ati (ind)21 occurrences
kṛ (2. P.)21 occurrences
idam (pron)20 occurrences
sūtra (n)20 occurrences
avasthā (f)18 occurrences
prāśana (n)18 occurrences
saha (ind)17 occurrences
vākya (n)17 occurrences
bhū (1. Ā.)15 occurrences
tu (ind)15 occurrences
vyāpāra (m)15 occurrences
narman (n)14 occurrences
anirvacanīya (adj)13 occurrences
antara (adj)13 occurrences
kāraṇa (n)13 occurrences
yoṣā (f)13 occurrences
ādi (m)13 occurrences
āvaśyaka (adj)13 occurrences
abhāva (m)12 occurrences
as (2. P.)12 occurrences
rasa (mn)11 occurrences
rati (f)11 occurrences
tādṛś (adj)11 occurrences
dvitīya (adj)10 occurrences
ghasra (m)10 occurrences
kāla (m)10 occurrences
phala (n)10 occurrences
sukha (n)10 occurrences
udañji (m)10 occurrences
ānanda (m)10 occurrences
anudarśay (10. P.)9 occurrences
anutarṣa (m)9 occurrences
uttara (adj)9 occurrences
varāṅga (n)9 occurrences
vidhāna (n)9 occurrences
vilāsa (m)9 occurrences
anuprāśana (n)8 occurrences
ca (ind)8 occurrences
dṛś (6. P.)8 occurrences
hetu (m)8 occurrences
itara (pron)8 occurrences
karman (n)8 occurrences