50 most frequent words in Comm. on the Kāvyālaṃkāravṛtti

Maximum number of words:
ca (ind)13 occurrences
iti (ind)11 occurrences
ah (1. P.)10 occurrences
alaṃkāra (m)10 occurrences
guṇa (mn)9 occurrences
kāvya (mn)9 occurrences
tad (pron)9 occurrences
tva (n)9 occurrences
artha (mn)8 occurrences
idam (pron)8 occurrences
rīti (f)8 occurrences
ka (pron)7 occurrences
na (ind)7 occurrences
as (2. P.)6 occurrences
śabda (m)6 occurrences
deśa (m)5 occurrences
kavi (m)5 occurrences
khalu (ind)5 occurrences
punar (ind)5 occurrences
yad (pron)5 occurrences
atra (ind)4 occurrences
doṣa (mn)4 occurrences
śāstra (n)4 occurrences
adas (pron)3 occurrences
akīrti (f)3 occurrences
arocakin (adj)3 occurrences
atas (ind)3 occurrences
etad (pron)3 occurrences
kīrti (f)3 occurrences
nāma (ind)3 occurrences
ojas (n)3 occurrences
satṛṇābhyavahārin (adj)3 occurrences
tu (ind)3 occurrences
vaidarbhī (f)3 occurrences
śloka (m)3 occurrences
śīla (mn)3 occurrences
avivekin (adj)2 occurrences
bandha (m)2 occurrences
bheda (m)2 occurrences
bhū (1. Ā.)2 occurrences
eva (ind)2 occurrences
evam (ind)2 occurrences
gauḍīyā (f)2 occurrences
grah (6. P.)2 occurrences
hetu (m)2 occurrences
hāna (n)2 occurrences
iha (ind)2 occurrences
iva (ind)2 occurrences
pada (mn)2 occurrences
phala (n)2 occurrences