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akarṇaadj1 occurrencehaving diminutive ears; without ears; deaf; without helm or rudder; without KarZa
akartṛm1 occurrencenot an agent; not active
akarmann2 occurrencesabsence of work; observances; improper work; crime
akaluṣaadj10 occurrencesclean; pure
akaluṣan2 occurrencesnon-dirt; purity
akaluṣatvan3 occurrences
akāram14 occurrencesthe letter or sound a
akāraṇan1 occurrenceabsence of a cause; not a cause
akāryaadj1 occurrencenot to be done; improper
akutsāf1 occurrence
akutsitaadj1 occurrenceunreproached
akurvatadj2 occurrencesnot performing
akuśalaadj5 occurrencesinauspicious; evil; not clever
akuśalan3 occurrencesevil; an evil word
akṛtaadj5 occurrencesundone; not committed; not made; uncreated; unprepared; incomplete; one who has done no works
akṛtakaadj5 occurrencesnot artificial
akramam1 occurrencewant of order; confusion
akruddhaadj1 occurrencenot angry
akrodham5 occurrencessuppression of anger
akṣin5 occurrencesthe eye