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akṣaran1 occurrencethe syllable om; a vowel; a sound; a word; name of Brahma; final beatitude; sacrifice; water; Achyranthes Aspera; religious austerity; a syllable
agran2 occurrencesforemost point or part; tip; front; uppermost part; top; summit; surface; point; sharpness; the nearest end; the beginning; the climax or best part; goal; aim; multitude; a weight equal to a pala; a measure of food given as alms; the sun's amplitude
aṅkuramn3 occurrencesa sprout; shoot; blade; a swelling; a tumour; a hair; blood; water
aṅgan4 occurrencesa limb of the body; a limb; member; the body; a subordinate division or department; the number six; name of the chief sacred texts of the Jainas; a limb or subdivision of Mantra or counsel (said to be five); any subdivision; a supplement; (in Gr.) the base of a word; anything inferior or secondary; anything immaterial or unessential; (in r
aṅgulamn1 occurrencea finger; the thumb; a finger's breadth; (in astron.) a digit; name of the sage Cāṇakya
athaind3 occurrencesan auspicious and inceptive particle (not easily expressed in English); now; then; moreover; rather; certainly; but; else; what? how else?
adaspron1 occurrencejener
adhasind2 occurrencesbelow; down; in the lower region; beneath; under; from under (with acc)
adhikaadj1 occurrenceadditional; subsequent; later; surpassing (in number or quantity or quality); superior; more numerous; abundant; excellent; supernumerary; redundant; secondary; inferior; intercalated
adhomukhaadj1 occurrencehaving the face downwards; headlong; upside down
anantaramind6 occurrencesright after ...
analam2 occurrencesfire; the god of fire; digestive power; gastric juice; bile; wind; name of Vasudeva; name of a Muni; name of one of the eight Vasus; name of a monkey; Plumbago Zeylanica; Semicarpus Anacardium; the letter r; the number three; (in astron.) the fiftieth year of; the third lunar mansion or Kṛttikā (?); Plumbago rosea
analakam1 occurrence
anekaadj1 occurrencenot one; many; much; separated
anekadhāind1 occurrencein various ways; name often
antam3 occurrencesend; limit; boundary; term; end of a texture; end; conclusion; end of life; death; destruction (in these latter senses some times neut.); a final syllable; termination; last word of a compound; pause; settlement; definite ascertainment; certainty; whole amount; border; outskirt; nearness; proximity; presence; inner part; inside; condition;
antaraadj2 occurrencesbeing in the interior; interior; near; proximate; related; intimate; lying adjacent to; distant; different from; exterior
antaran6 occurrencesthe interior; a hole; opening; the interior part of a thing; the contents; soul; heart; supreme soul; interval; intermediate space or time; period; term; opportunity; occasion; place; distance; absence; difference; remainder; property; peculiarity; weakness; weak side; representation; surety; guaranty; respect; regard; different; other; an
antargam1. P.1 occurrenceto go between (so as to exclude from [abl.])
apānamn1 occurrencethat of the five vital airs which goes downwards and out at the anus; the anus; name of a Sāman; ventris crepitus