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aṅgan1 occurrencea limb of the body; a limb; member; the body; a subordinate division or department; the number six; name of the chief sacred texts of the Jainas; a limb or subdivision of Mantra or counsel (said to be five); any subdivision; a supplement; (in Gr.) the base of a word; anything inferior or secondary; anything immaterial or unessential; (in r
aṅgulamn3 occurrencesa finger; the thumb; a finger's breadth; (in astron.) a digit; name of the sage Cāṇakya
ajānatadj1 occurrencenot knowing
atiind1 occurrencevery; extremely
adaspron3 occurrencesjener
adharam1 occurrencethe lower lip; the lip
adharoṣṭham1 occurrencethe lower lip
adhomukhaadj1 occurrencehaving the face downwards; headlong; upside down
anantaramind2 occurrencesright after ...
analam1 occurrencefire; the god of fire; digestive power; gastric juice; bile; wind; name of Vasudeva; name of a Muni; name of one of the eight Vasus; name of a monkey; Plumbago Zeylanica; Semicarpus Anacardium; the letter r; the number three; (in astron.) the fiftieth year of; the third lunar mansion or Kṛttikā (?); Plumbago rosea
anurañj4. Ā.1 occurrenceto become red in imitation of; to be attached or devoted; to find delight in
anurañjanan1 occurrencethe act of attaching or conciliating affection; love; pleasing
anekaadj1 occurrencenot one; many; much; separated
anvitaadj1 occurrencegone along with; joined; attended; accompanied by; connected with; linked to; having as an essential or inherent part; endowed with; possessed of; possessing; acquired; reached by the mind; understood; following; connected as in grammar or construction
apiind3 occurrencesalso; moreover; besides; assuredly; surely
abhimāninadj1 occurrencethinking of one's self; proud; self-conceited; imagining one's self to be or to possess; laying claim to; arrogating to one's self
ardhaadj1 occurrencehalf; forming a half; halved
alpaadj1 occurrencesmall; minute; trifling; little
aṣṭanadj2 occurrenceseight
as2. P.2 occurrencesto be; to live; to exist; to be present; to take place; to happen; to abide; to dwell; to stay; to belong to (gen. or dat.); to fall to the share of; to be equal to (dat.); to turn out; to tend towards any result; to prove