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akṛtrimaadj1 occurrenceinartificial
akṣaraadj1 occurrenceimperishable; unalterable
acintyaadj3 occurrencesinconceivable; surpassing thought
acintyastavam1 occurrencename of a text by Nāgārjuna
ajātaadj2 occurrencesunborn; not yet born; not yet developed
ajñānan1 occurrencenon-cognizance; ignorance; (in philosophy) spiritual ignorance; Prakṛti; Māyā; Illusion
ativṛt1. Ā.1 occurrenceto pass beyond; to surpass; to cross; to get over; to overcome; to transgress; to violate; to offend; to pass away; to delay
atī2. Ā.3 occurrencesto pass by; to elapse; to pass over; to overflow; to pass on; to get over; to pass through; to defer; to enter; to overcome; to overtake; to outdo; to pass by; to neglect; to overstep; to violate; to be redundant; to die
atyantaadj1 occurrencebeyond the proper end or limit; excessive; very great; very strong; endless; unbroken; perpetual; absolute; perfect
athaind2 occurrencesan auspicious and inceptive particle (not easily expressed in English); now; then; moreover; rather; certainly; but; else; what? how else?
athavāind1 occurrenceor; rather; (when repeated) either or; rather; perhaps; what? is it not so?
adbhutaadj1 occurrenceextraordinary; supernatural; wonderful
anatītaadj1 occurrencenot passed (time)
anāgataadj1 occurrencenot come; not arrived; future; not attained; not learnt; unknown
anālayaadj1 occurrencewithout a foundation; baseless
anidarśanaadj3 occurrences
anuttaraadj1 occurrencechief; principal; best; excellent; without a reply; unable to answer; silent; fixed; firm; low; inferior; base; south; southern
anutpannaadj4 occurrencesunborn; unproduced; uneffected; unaccomplished
anekaadj2 occurrencesnot one; many; much; separated
antam1 occurrenceend; limit; boundary; term; end of a texture; end; conclusion; end of life; death; destruction (in these latter senses some times neut.); a final syllable; termination; last word of a compound; pause; settlement; definite ascertainment; certainty; whole amount; border; outskirt; nearness; proximity; presence; inner part; inside; condition;