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akaraṇan3 occurrencesabsence of action; not being produced
akarmakaadj1 occurrenceintransitive
akalaadj1 occurrencenot in parts; entire; not skilled in the arts
akalitaadj1 occurrence
akalpitaadj1 occurrencenot manufactured; not artificial; not pretended; natural; genuine
akalyaadj1 occurrenceill; sick; true
akāraṇakaadj1 occurrencecauseless
akālam1 occurrencea wrong or bad time
akiṃcitkaraadj4 occurrencesnutzlos; gegenstandslos
akurvatadj2 occurrencesnot performing
akṛtaadj1 occurrenceundone; not committed; not made; uncreated; unprepared; incomplete; one who has done no works
akramam4 occurrenceswant of order; confusion
akṣin1 occurrencethe eye
akṣan2 occurrencesthe eye
akṣaṇaadj1 occurrenceinopportune
akṣatamn1 occurrencea eunuch; unhusked barley-corns; a kind of disease
akṣasūtran1 occurrencea string or rosary of Eleocarpus seeds
akṣubdhaadj1 occurrencenot agitated
akṣobham1 occurrencethe post to which an elephant is tied; freedom from agitation; imperturbability
akhaṇḍaadj2 occurrencesnot fragmentary; entire; whole