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akaraṇan1 occurrenceabsence of action; not being produced
akāraṇan7 occurrencesabsence of a cause; not a cause
akāryan1 occurrencecriminal action
agacchatadj1 occurrencenot going
aguṇaadj1 occurrencedestitute of qualities or attributes (said of the supreme Being); destitute of good qualities
agṛhītaadj3 occurrencesnot taken; not understood
agṛhyamāṇaadj1 occurrencenot perceived
agnim22 occurrencesfire; sacrificial fire (of three kinds); the number three; the god of fire; the fire of the stomach; digestive faculty; gastric fluid; bile; gold; name of various plants; mystical substitute for the letter r; Semicarpus Anacardium; Plumbago Zeylanica and Rosea; Citrus Acida; [alchemy] the doṣa called vahni
agrahaṇan4 occurrences
aṅgan5 occurrencesa limb of the body; a limb; member; the body; a subordinate division or department; the number six; name of the chief sacred texts of the Jainas; a limb or subdivision of Mantra or counsel (said to be five); any subdivision; a supplement; (in Gr.) the base of a word; anything inferior or secondary; anything immaterial or unessential; (in r
aṅgāramn2 occurrencescharcoal
aṅgirasm2 occurrencesname of a Ṛṣi; a star in Ursa Major; name of Agni; descendants of Aṅgiras or of Agni (mostly personifications of luminous objects); the hymns of the Atharvaveda; priests who by using the magical formulas of those hymns protect the sacrifice against the effects of inauspicious accidents. [weitere Stellen IIJ 42.1999:158 HF; the planet Jupit
aṅgīkṛ8. P.1 occurrenceto take the side of; to agree to; to assent; to promise; to confess
aṅgulimf4 occurrencesa finger; a toe; the thumb; the great toe; the finger-like tip of an elephant's trunk; the measure aṅgula; a kind of plant
aṅgulamn3 occurrencesa finger; the thumb; a finger's breadth; (in astron.) a digit; name of the sage Cāṇakya
acetanaadj1 occurrencewithout consciousness; inanimate; unconscious; insensible; senseless; fainting
ajātaadj1 occurrenceunborn; not yet born; not yet developed
ajñaadj5 occurrencesnot knowing; ignorant; inexperienced; unconscious; unwise; stupid
ajñānan2 occurrencesnon-cognizance; ignorance; (in philosophy) spiritual ignorance; Prakṛti; Māyā; Illusion
añjanan1 occurrenceact of applying an ointment or pigment; embellishing; black pigment or collyrium applied to the eyelashes or the inner coat of the eyelids; a special kind of this pigment; antimony; extract of Ammonium; Xanthorrhiza; paint; magic ointment; ink; night; (in rhetoric) making clear the meaning of an equivocal expression; double entendre or pun