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akaraṇan1 occurrenceabsence of action; not being produced
akartṛm1 occurrencenot an agent; not active
akāraṇan1 occurrenceabsence of a cause; not a cause
aguṇaadj1 occurrencedestitute of qualities or attributes (said of the supreme Being); destitute of good qualities
agryaadj1 occurrenceforemost; topmost; principal; best; proficient; well versed in
aṅkuśamn1 occurrencea hook; especially an elephant-driver's hook
acetanaadj2 occurrenceswithout consciousness; inanimate; unconscious; insensible; senseless; fainting
ajñaadj1 occurrencenot knowing; ignorant; inexperienced; unconscious; unwise; stupid
atidūran1 occurrencea great distance
atiśayam1 occurrencepre-eminence; eminence; superiority in quality or quantity or numbers; advantageous result; one of the superhuman qualities attributed to Jaina Arhats
atīndriyaadj1 occurrencebeyond the (cognisance of the) senses
atyantaadj1 occurrencebeyond the proper end or limit; excessive; very great; very strong; endless; unbroken; perpetual; absolute; perfect
atraind1 occurrencein this matter; in this respect; in this place; here at this time; there; then
adṛṣṭan1 occurrenceunforeseen danger or calamity; that which is beyond the reach of observation or consciousness; destiny; fate; bad luck; luck
addhāind1 occurrencein this way; manifestly; certainly; truly
adharmam1 occurrenceunrighteousness; injustice; irreligion; wickedness; demerit; guilt; name of a Prajāpati (son of Brahmā); name of an attendant of the sun
adhastātind1 occurrencebelow
adhigamam1 occurrencethe act of attaining; acquirement; study; knowledge; mercantile return; profit
adhivāsay10. P.1 occurrenceto perfume
adhiṣṭhānan1 occurrencestanding by; being at hand; approach; standing or resting upon; a basis; base; the standing-place of the warrior upon the car; a position; site; residence; abode; seat; a settlement; town; standing over; government; authority; power; a precedent; rule; a benediction; plinth