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aind2 occurrences[gramm.] the sound a; eh bien!; (ibc., negating particle); [gramm.] the root han; [gramm.] a taddhita affix
akaṇṭakinadj1 occurrencenot thorny
akartṛm1 occurrencenot an agent; not active
akāntif2 occurrenceslack of beauty
akāram1 occurrencethe letter or sound a
akāraṇan1 occurrenceabsence of a cause; not a cause
akāryan1 occurrencecriminal action
akālam1 occurrencea wrong or bad time
akuśalaadj1 occurrenceinauspicious; evil; not clever
akṛtan1 occurrencean act never before committed
akṛtaadj5 occurrencesundone; not committed; not made; uncreated; unprepared; incomplete; one who has done no works
akṛtyaadj3 occurrencesnot to be done; criminal
akṛtyan2 occurrencescrime
akṛṣatadj2 occurrencesnot ploughing
akṛṣyaadj1 occurrencenot to be ploughed
aklinnaadj1 occurrence
akṣin9 occurrencesthe eye
akṣam1 occurrencea die for gambling; a cube; a seed of which rosaries are made; Eleocarpus Ganitrus; a weight called karṣa; Beleric Myrobalan; Terminalia bellerica Roxb.; a name of the number
akṣan4 occurrencesthe eye
akṣakamn1 occurrencethe collar-bone; the eye (?)