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akhaṇḍitaadj1 occurrenceunbroken; undivided; unimpaired; unrefuted
akhilaadj2 occurrenceswithout a gap; complete; whole
agnim2 occurrencesfire; sacrificial fire (of three kinds); the number three; the god of fire; the fire of the stomach; digestive faculty; gastric fluid; bile; gold; name of various plants; mystical substitute for the letter r; Semicarpus Anacardium; Plumbago Zeylanica and Rosea; Citrus Acida; [alchemy] the doṣa called vahni
agryaadj1 occurrenceforemost; topmost; principal; best; proficient; well versed in
aṅkuramn1 occurrencea sprout; shoot; blade; a swelling; a tumour; a hair; blood; water
atīvaind1 occurrenceexceedingly; very; excessively; too; quite
athaind6 occurrencesan auspicious and inceptive particle (not easily expressed in English); now; then; moreover; rather; certainly; but; else; what? how else?
athavāind2 occurrencesor; rather; (when repeated) either or; rather; perhaps; what? is it not so?
adaspron6 occurrencesjener
adbhutaadj3 occurrencesextraordinary; supernatural; wonderful
adyaind1 occurrenceto-day; now-a-days; now
adhinātham1 occurrencea supreme lord; chieftain; name of the author of the Kālayogaśāstra
adhipam1 occurrencea ruler; commander; regent; king
anantaadj2 occurrencesendless; boundless; eternal; infinite
anurūpinadj1 occurrence
anurūpaadj1 occurrencefollowing the form; conformable; corresponding; like; fit; suitable; adapted to; according to
anekaadj1 occurrencenot one; many; much; separated
andhakam6 occurrencesname of an Asura (son of Kaśyapa and Diti); name of a descendant of Yadu and ancestor of Kṛṣṇa and his descendants; name of a Muni; coriander; name of a people
andhakāramn2 occurrencesdarkness; name of a mountain; name of the Varṣa ruled by Andhakāraka; name of a son of Dyutimat
anyapron1 occurrenceother; another