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atisāram1 occurrencepurging; dysentery; name of a son of Nitantu
atraind1 occurrencein this matter; in this respect; in this place; here at this time; there; then
anubandham1 occurrencebinding; connection; attachment; encumbrance; clog; uninterrupted succession; sequence; consequence; result; intention; design; motive; cause; obstacle; inseparable adjunct or sign of anything; secondary or symptomatic affection (supervening on the principal disease); an indicatory letter or syllable attached to roots; a child or pupil who
apiind5 occurrencesalso; moreover; besides; assuredly; surely
abhighātam1 occurrencestriking; attack; infliction of injury; damage; striking back; driving away; warding off; abrupt or vehement articulation (of Vedic text)
arthamn2 occurrencesaim; purpose; cause; motive; reason; advantage; use; utility (generally named with kāma and dharma); thing; object (said of the membrum virile); object of the senses; the number five; substance; wealth; property; opulence; money; (in astron.) name of the second mansion; the mansion of wealth; affair; concern; (in law) lawsuit; action; havi
avaśyamind1 occurrencenecessarily; inevitably; certainly; at all events; by all means
as2. P.1 occurrenceto be; to live; to exist; to be present; to take place; to happen; to abide; to dwell; to stay; to belong to (gen. or dat.); to fall to the share of; to be equal to (dat.); to turn out; to tend towards any result; to prove
ah1. P.2 occurrencesto say; to call; to consider; to declare; to acknowledge; to state; to adjugde anything