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akathanan2 occurrences
akathanīyaadj1 occurrence
akathayatadj1 occurrencenot telling
akathayamānaadj2 occurrences
akathahan---kind of diagram
akathitaadj1 occurrenceuntold
akathyaadj5 occurrencesunspeakable; unutterable; unmentionable
akadaryaadj1 occurrencenot miserly
akaniṣṭham4 occurrencesof whom none is the youngest (i.e. younger than the others); class of Buddhist deities
akaniṣṭhakam1 occurrencea measure of length (???)
akaniṣṭhapam---Buddhist king
akanyāf3 occurrencesnot a virgin
akapim1 occurrencename of a man
akapilaadj2 occurrences
akapīvantm---name of a Rzi
akaphaadj3 occurrences
akampam---a certain stage in the processing of mercury
akampatadj1 occurrencenot trembling
akampaadj8 occurrencesuntrembling